Tim McGraw jokes about finally hitting puberty, talks about music, Big & Rich, and whether we can expect an album out of his daughter

Tim McGraw

Broadway recently had the chance to chat with Tim McGraw, and boy did they talk! They chatted about everything from Tim's new album Sundown Heaven Town to his daughter Audrey and that video of her singing that made the rounds back in August and whether she wants to get into the family biz.

He also joked about finally hitting puberty after Broadway commented on how Down On The Farm is now 20 years old and how Tim's voice sounds different now than it did way back then. 

"When I hear it it sounds like it's 20 years old, I hear my voice. Hopefully I've matured a little bit, you know? I've actually hit puberty since then, although my wife would probably argue that point." 


Check it all out below (or here if that doesn't work