Thomas Rhett has to use roaming minutes just like the rest of us…


Photo Credit: Ryan Smith

Thomas Rhett was recently nominated for a CMA and how he found out was pretty unique. He was hanging out in Toronto and was in a bit of a pickle:

 "I didn't have any cell phone service or WiFi, so I used some of my roaming minutes to call my manager," he recalled to Billboard. "She was watching the nominees being announced on Good Morning America, and she put the phone up to the TV while Darius Rucker announced who it was going to be. Since they did it in alphabetical order, my name was towards the end. I thought, 'I didn't get it,' then he called my name. It was one of the coolest moments and feelings I've ever experienced."

He was pretty humble and grateful and made sure to credit what a tough category it was and give props to fellow nominees.

What a guy!