Taylor Swift’s newest #1 song is 8 seconds of white noise

Taylor Swift GIF

Well here's a story to make you double check before spending your hard-earned mullah for the hottest new song on iTunes. 

Taylor Swift released a third song from her upcoming new album "1989" today called Welcome To New York. As tends to happen when Taylor releases new music, the song quickly climbed the iTunes chart. 

In Canada, however, a computer glitch caused a second song, simply titled Track 3, to be released at the same time. That song quickly shot to the #1 spot on the Canadian iTunes chart, surpassing both Welcome To New York and Taylor's previously released Shake It Off

Taylor Swift Track 3

The problem? Track 3 was actually just 8 seconds of white noise. 

"It's the best song Taylor has released in at least three years," one critic proclaimed after the mix-up. 

Ha! I kid. I kid. 

Hopefully anyone who mistakenly purchased the song will be getting a nice fat $1.29 refund (or whatever iTunes songs go for now).

On a side note, this story kind of makes me want to cry. Just think about it. Taylor probably made more from a computer glitch selling 8 seconds of nothing than you and I will make in a month or two or 100.  

Here's Taylor's newest song, Welcome To New York in case you haven't heard it yet.