Taylor Swift’s new album leaks online


On Friday, an interview Taylor Swift did with U.K. chat show host Alan Carr aired that had Taylor worrying that her new album "1989," out on Monday, would leak. "I don't even want to talk about it (leaks). I don't trust technology. I don't want to talk about leaks. It freaks me out. I will have a meltdown on the show," she said. 

Unfortunately, by the time the interview aired her new album was already uploaded and easily found in various dark corners of the web.

From E! News:

New York magazine reports that some of the leaks could have stemmed from Target because hackers nabbed not only the 13 main tracks off 1989, but the 19 songs crafted exclusively for the Target edition.

Meanwhile, the mag's online presence Vulture is pointing fingers at France, or at least somewhere French-speaking. "If you downloaded the original leak, you'll see that song titles are missing and in their place there are a slew of numbered ‘pistes,'" Lindsey Weber writes, explaining that "piste" is French for "track." Furthermore, the album shows up at "Album inconnu" ("unknown album") in iTunes.

Fortunately, it looks like most of Taylor's fans are respecting the singer and waiting until Monday for the album to officially be released, but I've checked and yes the album is still online if you're wanting a preview. 

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