Taylor Swift sticks it to the sexist critics…


Let's start this off by immediately saying BRAVO to Taylor Swift. Regardless of how you feel about her music, you have to admit this young lady has been singled out and picked on for her songwriting and topics since literally almost day one. And in a time when most people weren't even writing their own songs it was extremely unfortunate that grown adults felt the need to pick on her for simply sharing her personal experiences with others. 

Well, flash forward to 2014 and Taylor is an empowered woman with a new outlook and she's quite sick of the backlash. REAL sick of it actually and she has some words for those haters. She said no one thinks anything when a guy, such as Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars, writes about their exes yet call her out. And she thinks that is straight up being sexist.  Of course, Taylor puts some passion into those words so it's best if you watch it below:


Thatta' girl Tay…you tell 'em!

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So Blake Shelton hasn’t actually seen American Sniper?

I know this story has made its rounds and you’re probably as tired of hearing about it as I am writing about it. But, and there is a but, there was a new turn in the American Sniper drama when Blake Shelton told TMZ that even though he hasn’t actually seen the movie, he has no problem speaking out against the film’s critics.

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