Surprise! Brantley Gilbert is engaged

Brantley Gilbert walking on a dirt road

This morning, a story I wrote back in May about Brantley Gilbert possibly having a new girlfriend has been going crazy. I wasn’t quite sure why until I just read that the singer is now engaged.

Well that explains that.

Brantley told DJ Bobby Bones in an interview this morning that he’s engaged to a gal he’s written many of his songs about.

Brantley explained during the interview, “She was the one who got away for about five years, then kind of came back around, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. She’s the one.”


This is Brantley’s second engagement in as many years. His last, to actress and singer Jana Kramer, ended in August of last year.

As for Brantley’s possible girlfriend I wrote about back in May, her name is Molly Bouchon and she apparently works for a PR firm in Nashville. I was told by several people after I wrote the story that the two weren’t actually dating (despite there being loads of pictures of them looking cute together) and that she was just doing PR stuff for him. I don’t think Brantley gave the name of his new fiancé in his interview, but he did say that he had known her for like 10 years and she’s a teacher. Since Molly is like 22 or 23 (and in PR), I doubt seriously this is his fiance. If she is, he probably has some ‘splainin’ to do.

So I guess for now we’ll just have to keep speculating and wondering who the lucky lady is.

Congrats to Brantley and his mystery love.

Take a listen to Brantley announcing his engagement below.

Update: Here’s your first look at Brantley and his new fiancée.


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