Sunny Sweeney shares a photo of a soldier praying and it’s pretty awesome


Sunny Sweeney happened to be at the right place, right time to capture a very special moment between a solider and civilian caught it prayer and it left Sunny very emotional.


Sunny Sweeney, who has hit songs such as "Bad Girl Phase" and "From a Table Away,"  witnessed the extra special moment when a civilian man approached a soldier to simply thank him for his service before asking to pray for his safety over the weekend. The singer was so touched that she photographed the interaction and posted it on social media.

"I just watched this whole thing go down in an airport and felt like sharing it with you," the singer said. "This young military man, Michael (full name was on his backpack) was standing here about to board a plane and a random man walked up and said thank you for your service. Then asked if he could pray for his safety."

"I started crying of course just watching this nice end to a crappy day unfold on my 16 hour cross country flight, but Americans never cease to amaze me," the Texas native wrote.

Sunny's main wish was that the post would find its way to "the man pictured here in uniform to show how many people are praying for you and wishing you good thoughts and safe travels."

And because social media is powerful that way…a few hours later…the singer's post did reach Michael Barth of Washington state.

"It was awesome that you took this picture," he wrote "I honestly [am] a huge country music fan! I didn't realize who you were! I'll always remember you as the really nice lady in the airport. And rite after I got home I told my family about it but I didn't know you were famous!! Haha anyway thank you for the picture I'll never forget it."

In response to Barth, Sweeney said, "Well, you made my whole day! I had a really crappy day, and there I was crying in the Las Vegas airport watching two complete strangers in this very special moment. Thank you again!"

Great job Sunny for not only brightening his day but ours. And to give us a reminder of what is really important in life!