Sara Evans’ ex suing TMZ for defamation

Sara evansSara Evans and Craig Shelske – AP

Sara Evans and her ex-husband, Craig Schelske, had a pretty nasty divorce a few years ago that even Kenny Chesney's crotch wasn't safe from. Sara is now remarried and, other than the arrest warrant issued for Schelske back in June for unpaid child support, there hasn't been much news about the former couple's divorce for quite a while. I figured we were done hearing about it. I was wrong.

The ex, Craig, isn't quite finished with that chapter of his life and has now filed suit against TMZ for defamation. The Courthouse News Service reports that Schelske filed the lawsuit against TMZ Productions; EHM Productions, which makes "TMZ on TV;" and managing editor and TMZ-on-TV star Harvey Levin on Tuesday, October 14, after they ran a story that claimed Sara had found hundreds of pictures of her ex having sex with other people and that's what caused their divorce.

According to the lawsuit, the report in question, which aired on TMZ's T.V. show back in June (see the video below), left viewers with the "unmistakable belief that Mr. Schelske was unfaithful while married to his previous spouse, Sara Evans." 

Schelske claims the TMZ report was 100% false and that the tabloid site later obtained court documents that proved such. The documents TMZ obtained featured texts from Sara to Schelske in which she defends him and says she knew TMZ's story was false and that she'd never paint him in a bad light to their children. Unfortunately, Schelske says that TMZ refused to remove the story even after finding out it wasn't true. 

Schelske is now seeking punitive damages. 

Update: You can now read the lawsuit if you'd like here (pdf)