Playboy recently asked Dolly Parton to grace their magazine cover for a second time

Dolly Parton playboy cover

Dolly Parton put on the infamous black bunny ears and posed for the cover of Playboy magazine's October 1978 issue. She didn't pose inside in the normal Playboy way, but it's still one of the most talked about issues in the magazine's history. Fox News even voted it their #4 favorite cover of all time.

So would Dolly ever consider donning the ears again?  Turns out she was recently offered the chance. 

Dolly revealed to AdWeek earlier this year that the men's magazine recently approached her about the possibility of gracing their cover for a second time. 

They just recently wanted me to do another cover and I said, please don’t ask me, and I didn’t do it again because of all the programs I do for children now and the Imagination Library [Dolly’s literacy charity, which sends kids who sign up one book per month to age 5]. Back then I was young! 

How amazing would it have been to see a 68-year-old Dolly Parton on the cover of Playboy? I'm not surprised she said no, but you definitely have to give Playboy props for having the balls to ask at least.   

Dolly Parton Playboy