Chris Carmack, Nashville’s gay cowboy, has a suggestion for the show

Chris carmack

Chris Carmack, or Will from ABC's Nashville, called the show recently. We collaborated on a twist in the plot that would be friggin' EPIC! We also chatted about him getting the role, he had no idea Will was going to be gay until after he was offered the job. Since he's the gay cowboy on the show, we revisited the question that seems to make a lot of people in the industry uncomfortable, "Is country music ready for an openly gay singer?"

This question confuses some, because we have Chely Wright, and more recently Brandy Clark. And I guess you can count K.D. Lang, although she never achieved super-stardom in country music. What I think a lot of people are actually asking, or meaning to ask is, "Could an openly gay singer, be themselves from day 1, and if the music is good, have a fair chance at becoming a superstar in the format?"

Hear what Chris has to say about homosexuals in country music below.

I wonder who thanked him at the walk?!