John Cleese should always be around to insult Taylor Swift’s cat

Taylor and john cleese

Taylor Swift stopped by the always hilarious Graham Norton Show recently and actor John Cleese was also a guest. 

Let's just say it was all fun and games until the actor decided to insult Taylor's cat Olivia Benson.

"How did it have the accident? Is that a proper cat or is it damaged irreparably?" he asked after a picture of Taylor's newest cat addition was shown. 

At first Taylor seemed surprised and was like … nuh uh, you didn't just go there!!!


Then when he took it up a notch and said it was the weirdest cat he'd ever seen, this was the look she gave him.  

Taylor Swift insulted cat


Then it was pointed out that John's cat was definitely weirder. 

John Cleese cat

Taylor was like WTF is that? She didn't actually say that out loud, but this look spoke volumes.

Taylor Swift shocked

It was a pretty damn funny exchange that was only diffused when the handsome guy sitting on the other side of Taylor admitted that he's allergic to cats and prefers lions to pet kitties. For future reference, however, if Taylor comes out with a song about the crazy old guy who insulted her precious cat, you'll know who that someone is.

Check out the full funny interview below.