Jamey Johnson promises new music is on the way

Jamey JohnsonPhoto: Facebook

After four long years, it looks like the wait for new music is finally coming to an end for Jamey Johnson fans. 

A new banner has appeared on Johnson's website announcing the long overdue news fans have been waiting for..  

Jamey Johnson new music

So why has it taken so long for Jamey to come out with some new music? Turns out he's been at odds with his record label (same story, different artist it sounds like). The singer recently spoke to both The Tennessean and Nashville Scene's Nashville Cream and discussed a little of what's been going on, although legally he couldn't actually disclose too much. Luckily, though, everything seems to be resolved now. 

I’ve already reached an agreement with Mercury Records that gave me what I wanted ultimately, which was my freedom. I just wanted the ability to go, and they gave that to me. They also gave me the ability to come back, if I decided I wanted to come back. To me, that looks a lot like a revolving door, and that’s what I wanted. But most importantly, I wanted to be able to leave. If I can’t leave, then what’s the point in coming back? My appreciation to Mike Dungan [UMG Nashville Chairman/CEO] and the whole team at Mercury Records for allowing me that ability to come back after I leave. They could’ve slammed the door and locked it and said, “Man, enough.”

And it looks the freedom has done him good because The Bearded One will soon be gracing us with some sure-to-be-amazing music. 

I can't wait. 



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