Is Nicole Kidman desperate for another baby with Keith Urban?


It would appear so!  Nicole Kidman spoke up and said she and husband Keith Urban are desperate for another child. She has adopted children with her ex Tom Cruise and has two daughters, Sunday Rose, six, and Faith Margaret, three, with Keith but wants to add one more little one to the group.

She told an Australian radio show: "I hope every month I am pregnant but I never am. I would be jumping for joy, but it wont happen I'm 47."

It isn't a secret she's had trouble conceiving in the past. And now with the age factor, she's concerned she doesn't have much hope. She said she thought she'd never have her own children after fertility treatment failed and she suffered miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

 She said: "I had so much time thinking that wasn't going to happen in my life and trying to understand that. When it did happen – and for it to be a surprise – that was great. I had tried and failed and failed and failed. Not to be too detailed, but I've had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages and I've had fertility treatments. I've done all the stuff you can possibly do to try get pregnant. Every woman who has been through all those ups and downs knows the depression that comes with it. Ao the way it just happened with Sunday was like, 'What?' The percentages were so low. It is the miracle in my life"

Awe. Well we certainly wish her and Keith the very best!