Hunter Hayes shares what he will NOT be getting a tattoo of…


While many have called him the Justin Bieber of country music one thing is for certain, the young fanbase is where the similarties end as Hunter Hayes will not getting a tattoo of somebody's face he was dating or dated. He told UK Yahoo:

"Tattoos are normally an expression of an extreme feeling when you are really passionate about something. A lot of the time they have a really strong connection to whoever is wearing it, sometimes it's art for the sake of art but all art has an origin. When somebody inks somebody's name or something that represents somebody, I just love it. A tattoo is an eternal commitment of expressing your feelings for something that you are okay with representing for the rest of your life."

But he put on the brakes when it comes to putting permanent ink on his body with someone's name, he would never brave getting someone's face inked onto his own skin, but he would consider "something symbolic" of them instead.

Gonna have to say good call on that Hunter!