Florida Georgia Line appears on cover of Billboard, blame the olds for not understanding their sound

Florida Georgia Line Billboard cover

Just in time for the Tuesday release of their sophomore album "Anything Goes," the boys of Florida Georgia Line cover Billboard magazine. 

In the new interview, which you can read here, the boys talk about everything from smoking weed (despite their publicist trying to stop them, they admit to it), how their upbringings were similar despite living 400 miles apart, and who they think is most offended by their bro-country sound (hint, it's the olds) and why.

"It's a generational thing," explains Hubbard. "In our generation, you can have a CD with six different genres of music on it. For us, it's all one thing, and if we have shocked people with our music, it's probably the older generation. Anybody that makes a mark or sets a new standard has a hard time at first, because people don’t understand it."

"The definition of traditional changes every 10 years," Kelley adds. "The Bakersfield Sound raised a lot of hell at first. Is Garth Brooks traditional? He wasn't [at first]." 

Can you imagine in another 10 years? Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean will be playing on the oldies stations and we'll probably still be arguing about what constitutes country music. Hopefully I'll still be around to write about it all.