Don’t go throwing Brantley Gilbert a dirty 30 party just yet…


It appears that Brantley Gilbert is already dreading turning the BIG 3-0. Brantley tells The Las Vegas Sun, "Thirty is going to be one of the hardest birthdays. I’ve been a bit of a wild child and didn’t always think I would make it to 30."  

Well, we still have 3 months before he officially makes it to 30's so let's hope he's not too wild. But, I mean reaching your 30's should call for a celebration. And we know Brantley can't resist a good celebration, right? Well…have no fear he still plans to have a party of some sort.

Brantley added, "There will be a celebration for sure."  Let me know where to send my RSVP Brantley. A party ain't a party unless I'm there! Just sayin'.