Don’t believe the hype, Carrie Underwood didn’t reveal her due date today

Carrie and Brad on the view

As a country music blogger, there are certain stories that I feel compelled to follow religiously. Carrie Underwood's pregnancy is one of those stories. So when Carrie and Brad Paisley hit New York and "The View" today for the first of many television stops to promote the upcoming CMA Awards (November 5), I watched to see what tidbits I could get from the interview (watch below). Then as I went about my day I kept coming across the headline that Carrie Underwood had announced her due date. 

Now I knew from watching the interview that no, she hadn't actually said when her due date was, just that she's due in the spring. We already figured she was due sometime in the spring. Unfortunately, as a slightly obsessive-compulsive personality, everytime I came across a headline exclaiming that Carrie had announced her due date, I had to click and read to make sure I hadn't missed something. 

At article number four-hundred-something, I lost count of how many times I had clicked a headline breathlessly announcing that Carrie had revealed her due date today. 

Come on fellow bloggers and newsie sorts, spring lasts from March to June – longer if you count the first flowers blooming as the start of spring rather than a date on the calendar. A due date would be specific, like, say, June 1, not an entire season.