Did Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr get married already?

Brittany and Jason Aldean engagement picPhoto: Instagram

Are congrats in order for Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr? Well you be the judge. 

Earlier this month a report from one of the tabloids came out that said Jason planned to elope with his lady love, Brittany, to avoid the normal internet backlash that their relationship tends to get. Gossip cop countered the report with their own in which Jason's rep supposedly told the site that the tabloid story was 100% false. 

That seemed like the end of the story, but then Brittany went and posted a picture to Instagram yesterday that quickly brought the question about eloping back to the front of the pack. 

Jason Aldean and Brittany, hubby

The picture itself isn't anything special, but the caption she wrote is. 

Mornin coffee at home with my hubby @jasonaldean☕️#moviedays #homesweethome #Boss #B

Hubby? Is this the official "we got hitched" announcement?

Loads of people commented on the picture with a few people asking if they had gotten married. Brittany answered a question about her fingernail polish (she's wearing "How great is your Dane" by OPI, BTW), but conveniently skipped answering the all-important hubby question. 

So as I see it, one of several things is happening here.

  1. The two went ahead and eloped. If this is the case then congrats! 
  2. Brittany's just getting herself used to calling Jason her hubby since it's going to happen eventually anyway. 
  3. Brittany is just trolling us all by using "hubby" to refer to Jason and knew that fans would jump all over that shizbit. If this is the case then bravo, Brittany, bravo. You trolled us well. 

So what do you think? Did they or didn't they? 


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  1. cyclonedee38@yahoo.com'

    really sucks to see a family break apart but must have had his and her reasons to end it cant judge them even tho im not really to happy kerr stole that cute guy from us other ladys lol its all good wish you both the best.

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