Chely Wright reaches Kickstarter funding goal for new album

Chely Wright

Since her last album "Lifted Off The Ground" was released in 2010, Chely Wright has spent her time being busy raising her twins, Everett and George, settling into married life with her wife Lauren, and advocating for a cause near and dear to her heart … the LGBT community. Now Chely's ready to get back to her music and in August launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new album. Her goal was to raise $175,000. In the end she raised a total of $247,181. 

Way to go, Chely.

Here's a video she made to express her gratitude to the over 2200 people who helped her reach goal.




No word on when Chely's new album will be out, or if it will even be a country album, but here's what her Kickstarter page said would happen if she exceeded her goal. 
Stretch Goal of $200,000. If we raise more than our goal, we can keep going!  If we reach our Stretch Goal, all that we raise will go toward marketing and promotion, original video content and tour support. This tour support will allow me to do shows in more places and that means I’ll get to meet you out there on the road. All of the funds we raise will go right back into engaging with you, the fans. 
Fans can follow Chely on Facebook and Twitter for updates on her album making process, and I'll be sure to keep you updated whenever I hear anything.