Woman Tim McGraw slapped during concert speaks publicly for first time

Tim hits concert goer

The slappee speaks!

Back in July, Tim McGraw took a little heat (very little, actually) after he hauled off and slapped a handsy fan who ripped his pants during a concert. She threatened to sue, but Tim ended up having a private conversation with her and the threat went away. 

Now, the lady Tim slapped is speaking up for the first time and it doesn’t sound like a lawsuit is out of the question after all. 

Jesslyn Taylor, 43, broke her silence for the first time in a new interview with Radar Online. 

“I was at the concert, Tim came out on the catwalk, walking across the bar where everybody was, everybody was excited, hands up in the air, filming and I was filming,” Taylor said. “Just excited. He bent down to sing to me.”

“And I reached up, hit him on the leg, two of my fingers got stuck in his jeans, when he turned to walk away it ripped a hole in his jeans,” she continued.

We all know what happened next. Here’s how she recalls that slap. 

“He slapped my hand away then he turned back slapped me in the head very hard,” she claimed. “I fell backwards. And then he actually reared back to hit me again, but a fan on the opposite side of the stage grabbed his arm and stopped him.”


Jesslyn Taylor and her attorneys

Taylor’s interview was taped (see below) and she was joined by her personal injury attorneys, which makes you wonder if this whole ordeal is actually over or not, especially since one of the attorneys said she needs an apology. 

Anyway, Taylor goes on to add that after she was drug out of the concert, she had to wait about 20 minutes to be released. She then left. 

As for whether she will ever attend another Tim McGraw show, Taylor says, after glancing at her attorney, “I can’t answer that question yet.”

Well alrighty then. 

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