Vince Gill officially reaches icon status!


Music Row Magazine announced that Vince Gill will be receiving BMI's Icon Award! Which, for his many fans, is no surprise as he has been an icon in their eyes for a while! The invitation-only event is slated for Tuesday, Nov. 4 at BMI’s Music Row offices in Nashville. His awards and accomplishments have helped make him a true ambassador of the genre! Congrats Vince!


Kelly Clarkson planning to be pregnant by the end of the year

Kelly Clarkson’s daughter River Rose is just about the cutest thing around with her cherubic little cheeks launching thousands of blog posts as people try and share in the joy of her supreme cuteness. The only thing that would be better than one River Rose in this world would be two, so who can blame Kelly for wanting to get touring out of the way so she can get down to the business of adding to her brood?

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