Tim McGraw may be starring in a new television show soon

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has found a great balance between acting and singing. He's picky about his roles and has ended up playing some pretty memorable ones over the years because of it. Up until now, however, all of his acting credits, except for one appearance on The Jeff Foxworthy Show, have been for movies. 

But that may be about to change. 

When asked by Billboard what upcoming acting fans might expect from the singer, Tim let the cat out of the bag that he's considering doing a T.V. show. 

Next spring Tomorrowland with [George] Clooney and Hugh Laurie comes out. I play a dad who's a rocket scientist — [one of those is] a stretch. (Laughs.) I just finished looking at a script that's really interesting — it's a dark, cool, True Detective cable mini-series sort of thing. I'm weighing if I have the time to do it or not.

As hot as Tim's re-invigorated career is right now I can't imagine he'd have much time for a weekly show, but it'd definitely be cool to see him give it a try.