This Lee Ann Womack article reminds me why I’m happy being anonymous


Sometimes I think it would be great fun being a famous blogger. Someone people recognized walking down the street. Someone like Perez Hilton maybe. Rich, famous, started out a blogger and moved his way up. How cool it would be to be friends with celebrities? To know that you had their phone number and they had yours. 

Yeah, that would be fun. 

Well until an angry Lee Ann Womack calls you up and offers to knee you in the nards. 

Not that I have nards, but still. 

This new article by Peter Cooper in the Tennessean from this weekend reminds me why it's kind of nice being anonymous.

I took the call, placed the phone to my ear and heard an agitated Southern female voice — for once, one that didn't belong to my wife — demand to know my whereabouts.

"I'm in Atlanta," I said.

"Well, get to Nashville right now," insisted the voice, which, I suddenly gathered, belonged to Grammy-winning, former CMA female vocalist of the year Lee Ann Womack.

I asked why, upon which Grammy-winning, former CMA female vocalist of the year Lee Ann Womack snarled, "Because I'm going to give you three swift kicks to the groin."

Seems Womack was angry about something I'd written.

Yep, being a random blogger is A-OK with me. 

And just in case you're wondering, Lee Ann did eventually catch Peter in person. You can read what happened here