Taylor Swift pays the price for headbanging a little too hard

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Update: Looks like Taylor's overly protective web-wipe team is alive and well and I've been contacted and asked to remove the GIF and video because God forbid Taylor look human by slipping and falling. They say Target owns the footage, which is a total bullshit excuse, but whatever. I'm not going to fight over it. If you really, really want to see Taylor's latest fall, however, you can watch video here and here

Since Taylor's team says that Target owns the newest footage, here's an old GIF of the singer falling at a different concert to help you get over the disappointment of not getting to see the newest slip. 

What can I say? I like a good celeb-falling GIF.  



Taylor recently took a bit of a tumble while performing I Knew You Were Trouble for a packed house of screaming fans. 

Don't worry, though, she stood up and shook it off like a pro. 

Speaking of Taylor, The Sun (via Unreality TV) is reporting that Taylor recently was at an airport when it had a bomb scare. 

It’s been reported this weekend that she was caught up in a frightening bomb scare at Luton airport recently, but while thousands of her fellow would-be travellers were evacuated and missed their flights, Taylor’s chartered private jet left the airport without any delays.

The Sun reports that the drama began when a worried passenger reported seeing “vapour” rising above some luggage, and fearing that there could be a chemical device involved, the terminal building was evacuated while specialists rushed to the scene.

Though the airport was closed for four hours, Taylor was driven to her plane in a “convoy” of security vehicles and managed to leave on time.

An unnamed onlooker said, “Swift’s convoy somehow managed to navigate its way to a closed airport and Swift was able to board her flight.

“Thousands of commercial passengers were not so lucky.”

And there's yet another perk of flying private. We should all be so lucky.