Remember the dude from Taylor Swift’s, ‘Love Story’ video?


Who could forget the super adorable video that helped launch Taylor's(or wait…is it Becky?! I'm so confused) career into another galaxy. Cute song that had that whole Romeo and Juilet vibe.

And the leading man in the video was totally drool worthy. Well I have great news. He is even more drool worthy now! I was in a nostalgic mood and watching old Taylor Swift videos because…that's what everyone does on a Friday night and decided to research him. So ladies…for your viewing pleasure…I give you this…


Hubba, Hubba is all I have to say!

Update from Shannong: Yes, he also used to be Miley Cyrus' boyfriend, but we won't hold that against him. 

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And check out the 'Love Story' video below for more Justin Gaston eye candy: