Randy Travis makes rare public appearance

Randy Travis

Hey, hey, hey, look who made a very rare public appearance this week. It’s Randy Travis!

Randy and his fiance, Mary Davis, attended a banquet and fundraiser in Texas on Thursday for The Four Rivers Outreach, which helps people fighting addiction get back on their feet. 

Also attending was Larry Gatlin. 

While Randy didn’t want to speak on camera, and some reports say he’s still not able to speak after his stroke last year, Mary gave the local news an update on the singer’s recovery.

“For two weeks they were just telling me to pull the plug on him and he’d never live through it and wouldn’t make it so we feel so blessed to be where we are today,” Davis said. “He’s not even bedridden anymore. He’s gone through the wheelchair phase of it and just today they took away his cane and gave him a walking stick, so it’s one more weaning process.”

Nice to see Randy out and about and looking healthy. 

[KXII, Channel 12 news]

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