Kenny does another FREE concert…



Just when you can't love Kenny Chesney anymore, he goes and gives another free 2 hour show! Folks in Georgia got noticed at 11 am that he would be doing the show at the Georgia University and he had an 8 pm stage time. CMT has a new show coming out called 'InstaJam' and Kenny was there to film his bit for the show. They gave out 500 wristbands total and in 8 minutes those 500 wristbands were spoken for! Kenny performed many of his hits and everyone had a blast!

Umm next time you do that, could you look into doing that a little closer to me? K? Thanks!



Jake Owen is down for Larry the Cable Guy’s terrorist hunting plan

The U.S. government has spent a butt-load (understatement) of money on terrorists – hunting them down, preventing them from rising up and killing us all, training them (if you listen to the conspiracy theorists). Well according to Larry the Cable Guy, country music has the perfect weapon of mass terrorist destruction in its midst … Jake Owen.

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