Miranda Lambert likes T-Swift’s new song, won’t start a record label, and other revelations

Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert recently called into The Barnyard recently to chat with Broadway and let him know what she thinks about Taylor’s new pop tune, what she thinks about Taylor possibly returning to country music in the future, and when the last time she tweeted and deleted was.

Miranda also explained why she’s never considered starting her own record label.  

“No. You know, I never have thought about that. It’s so much to think about. It’s a gamble, which everything is, but I’m just now 30 years old and I’m trying to figure it all out as I go. I feel like I’ve kind of got the music business figured out and as soon as I do there’s a new corner turned or a new streaming thing going on or whatever’s happening … it’s just a little bit of a gamble to ever figure out what exactly the formula is ’cause there’s not one.” 

Check out the first part of the interview below and the second half  over here.


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