Lee Ann Womack happy not having hits on the radio

CMT Crossroads-John Legend and Lee Ann Womack (1)

While the goal of most singers is to have their music on the radio, Lee Ann Womack is okay with not having the stress of trying to get radio play. In fact, she tells The Republic in Columbus, Indiana that she's happier now that she's not having to chase hits.

"Being in the commercial game … you have people coming to you going, 'We gotta have that hit, you've got to be commercial.' All of those things," Womack said. "It can be very frustrating because you have music inside you that you want to make."

The singer's first album in six years, a record full of country covers called "The Way I'm Livin'," was released on Tuesday and Lee Ann says with it comes her chance to show fans the kind of music she loves. 

"Boy, when I fulfilled my contract with the major label, I was like …," Womack says as she lets out a sigh. "I had all this music for so long I had been wanting to make. I would look around me and … be surrounded by all my peers, but then look over there and see Buddy Miller and go, 'Some day.' Now this is that day."

Speaking of Lee Ann, her episode of CMT Crossroads featuring John Legend premiered last night. If you missed it, you can watch the full episode below.