Jason Aldean and friends have stale swagger…wait, what?!


When I saw the headline for the review I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I went with laughing. I mean Stale Swagger sounds like a name for a cheap beer at your local bar. But after reading this person's view of the evening…the phrase actually sounds pretty accurate. I mean she (yes I said she…) ripped Jason, Florida Georgia Line AND Tyler Farr a new one. Some other terms used to described their show were: lackluster, feeble, shockingly successful…oh man…there's too many to write!

Haha I have a feeling this ballsy writer was just saying what a lot of us were feeling of their performances on the regular, but hey…maybe they were having a bad time. All of 4 of them.

Read the review from the U~T San Diego HERE….enjoy!