Human skull found near where Holly Bobo went missing

Holly Bobo poster

It sounds like the case of Holly Bobo may be coming to its final sad conclusion. 

Three men have been charged with the disappearance of Whitney Duncan's cousin, Holly Bobo, who disappeared from her home in April of 2011. One man, Zachary Adams, has been charged with first degree murder and kidnapping. The other two, brothers Jeffrey Pearcy and Mark Pearcy, were arrested in May and charged with “Tampering with Evidence and Accessory After the Fact.” 

Now, months after the arrests, human remains have been found near where Holly went missing in Decatur County, Tennessee.

On Sunday, a human skull was found by Ginseng hunters about 10 miles from where police and volunteers searched for Holly. Police, however, say there are two people missing in the area and that they want to finish testing on the remains before concluding which missing person they may belong to, if the skull does in fact end up belonging to either of the missing. 

"We don't even know if it's a murder victim," Decatur County Sheriff Keith Byrd told reporters on Sunday, although he agreed it's a possibility that it could belong to Holly. 

District Attorney General Matt Stowe said updates would come in the next couple of days once testing was done. "We're going to provide sad closure to a family who is missing someone," he said.

Whitney took to Twitter express how many people are probably feeling after hearing the news. 

What a tough couple of days this will be for the family. My heart and prayers go out to them. 

UPDATE: According to The Tennessean, the remains have been confirmed to belong to Holly.  As sad as the news is, I can only hope that Holly's family has found some comfort in finally having closure.