Harry Styles just might be Kacey Musgraves # 1 fan..


When the hottest member of the world's biggest boyband says he likes an artist it's kinda big deal. Okay, it's a really big deal. Harry Styles of One Direction tweeted out a message saying it was impossible to listen to too much Kacey Musgraves(adding on humor that only Harry Styles understands to not to tell anyone), to which Katy replied thank you with a question mark. Not a bad endorsement for ol' Kacey.

This new found friendship of course just adds fuel to my theory(check it out HERE) that Katy putting Kacey on tour with her was just to spite Taylor Swift and with a Harry Styles acknowledgment, it would appear it was working.  Of course, Harry could just genuinely have good taste in music and wanted to share that with the world.

What do YOU think?!

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