The Grand Ole Opry got Royal last week…


As a lover of all things music I found this pretty amazing. Lorde was a guest at the Grand Ol Opry last week! She shared the above photo at the Opry but was pretty vague about her experience. She played the 22nd with the Magical Cloudz.  But for those that attended the event, she got very candid and showed her appreciation of being able to play there.

“None of those shows have been quite as historic or quite as iconic as this one,” she told the crowd. “Today (my mum) stood out here, where I’m sure Johnny Cash stood, and she said, ‘You don’t get to play the Grand Ole Opry unless you’re somebody.’ And it hit me like ‘Holy crap.’”

According to a source:She put on a very diverse show and was extremely enjoyable to watch!

Love that!

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Randy Travis update

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