Fans complain Toby Keith was too drunk to perform over the weekend

Red solo cup Toby KeithPhoto: Screenshot

Uh oh. Did Toby Keith spend a little too much time with his Red Solo Cup over the weekend?

Seems some fans think he did. 

On Saturday night, Toby performed, and I use that word lightly, at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. Unfortunately, according to many fans who were there, Toby appeared to be more than a little inebriated and spent the whole show slurring and forgetting the words to his songs and just generally putting on a terrible show. 

So far it doesn't seem that anyone in Toby's camp is too worried about fans being unhappy with the performance and no one has apologized or offered refunds to fans who have asked for them and there's only been one instance of Toby's publicist commenting publicly on the mess. 

From Saving Country Music

Jeff Wagner of CBS WISH in Indianapolis did however speak with Toby Keith’s publicist, but not much explanation was given, and there certainly wasn’t an apology. “She told me she’s seen hundreds of his shows, and that he’s never had too much to drink. But she admitted, she didn’t attend this specific concert,” Jeff Wagner says in his report (see below). Later in the report Wagner says that Keith’s publicist told him, “‘All concert goers are entitled to their opinion,’ and that she’s seen a large amount of positive reviews to go along with the negative ones across social media.” 

So what do you think? Should Toby apologize to fans and offer refunds, or should fans expect Toby to live what he sings about? 

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