Do you know what Ghost Tunes is?


Well, it's basically Garth Brook's way of saying "no thanks" to iTunes. GB might be one of the only artists to miss out on the epic sales that iTunes offers artists by not releasing his music to it because he didn't want to sell individual songs, but whole albums. His response to that comes in the way of GhostTunes.

Saving Country Music explains GhostTunes:

Garth has launched GhostTunes LLC, which allows the artist to select how their songs or albums are sold. Just like iTunes, artists can choose to allow consumers to buy individual songs if they want, or they can choose to only make their music available as cohesive albums. GhostTunes also touts the ability for artists to bundle music together in a manner not seen by major digital retailers, meaning if artist’s so choose, they can sell two albums, three albums, or their entire discography together at a discounted price. Maybe they take seven songs from seven different albums, and offer them as an EP. Offer a live DVD with two separate albums. They can also bundle digital albums with physical albums, or other merch like T-Shirts, stickers, etc.

Garth also announced yesterday that he will be releasing a new album, which will include his new single People Loving People, on November 28, 2014. He also plans to release a second album in 2015. 

You can watch his LiveStream from yesterday here.

Will YOU be using GhostTunes?