Dierks Bentley apparently trying to start his own drone army

Dierks Miles and MusicDierks at his Miles & Music concert – photo via Twitter

Country stars are big on giving those who help them cool gifts. Miranda Lambert gave Carrie Underwood a motorcycle for helping out on their Something Bad duet and she gave Dierks Bentley an off road vehicle as an end of tour gift that he promptly got stuck in a tree. Rascal Flatts like to give out Jeeps and Luke Bryan once gave Jason Aldean a pretty sweet new (old) Bronco as a thank you. 

Over the weekend, Dierks Bentley held his latest Miles & Music for Kids bike ride and concert in Nashville and Chris Young, Jon Pardi, and Chase Rice were all there to take part. Before the show, Chris revealed the pretty cool gift all three got from Dierks as a thank you … drones.

Chris also told ABC Radio that Dierks and Chase were betting Jon would be the first to crash his.

“We’re like, ‘I don’t know why, but we just have a gut feeling it’s gonna be you,'” Chris says, “so I don’t know if he’s too happy about that, but all of our money is on him crashing his into a tree or something in the next week.”

So I guess if you see drones flying over (and maybe crashing at) future Chris, Jon, or Chase concerts, you'll know who to blame.