Could Kenny Chesney’s Flora-Bama-Jama become a yearly event?

Flora bamaPhoto: Twitter

Last month, Kenny Chesney performed a free beachside concert for an estimated 40,000 fans on the Alabama-Florida state line at the Flora-Bama bar. Now comes word that that Flora-Bama-Jama might just become an annual event. 

Flora-Bama owner John McInnis III won't say a definitive yes or no, but he told that it's definitely a possibility. 

"On the t-shirts and on the stage, it did say the words 'First Annual'," McInnis said. "That may mean that we're going to do it every year."

"We're talking about that now," he continued. "I'll just leave you with 'There may be.' We're working on it."

The good news is that if it does become a yearly event, it will be a yearly event with Kenny Chesney. 

"It's our show with Kenny, so if we do that again, it'll be with him," McInnis said. 

I have a feeling that this could be THE destination party of the summer if Kenny and the Flora-Bama owner decide to make it an annual event.