Chase Rice Rocks York County, PA


On September 9th, 2014 107.7 WGTY hosted a performance that everyone at the York County Fair was sure to remember. Chase Rice took the stage and immediately all the older folks got the hell out of the way while the party goers rushed the stage. Being at a Chase Rice show is kind of like taking a shot of energy and believe me it's 100 proof. I noticed right away he added a new drummer and a new guitar player. The drummer was overflowing with talent and even played blindfolded as Chase introduced him. I saw Chase a few months back with Dierks Bentley at Jiffy Lube Live and the amount of growth he has shown in just a few months is impressive. He performed songs like "I Like Drinkin" and "Ready Set Roll." Vocally, he has improved tremendously. It's obvious that Chase is working hard and is determined to be the best he can be. He performed songs off his new album titled Ignite The Night and I was blown away by his songwriting abilities. "Gonna Wanna Tonight" and "50 Shades Of Crazy" are just a few favorites. The crowd knew every song and was energetic right along with him. Chase Rice is a risk taker, a bad ass in all forms. You can either join him or head towards the exit but he sure as hell ain't slowing down anytime soon.


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