Brothers Osborne squash their beachy reputation…


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T.J. and John Osborne have had a busy summer, but they recently took a break to talk to Rolling Stone and give their insight on their new EP and that "beachy" sound…

"Everyone is talking about the beachy vibe [of the song], and that's fine if they get that vibe from it. But we're not a beachy band," says Osborne. "We've been trying hard to distance ourselves from the beachy kind of shit."

The fellas are very excited about crowds getting into the song 'Rum' though! They had this to say:

When it comes to winning over Church's rowdy crowd, the Deale, Maryland, siblings already have an ace up their sleeve with the singalong "Rum." Osborne says the song resonated with fans even before it started gaining radio traction. "I always thought it was cool when an artist would play a song and from the very first couple bars of music the crowd would know what song it was and get excited. I've always wanted a song like that, and it's happening with 'Rum.'"

Definitely an exciting journey for them! Don't forget to check out their EP out today HERE

Does 'Rum' make YOU wanna go to the beach?