Blake Shelton GIF freaks people out, reminds me of a famous movie scene

Blake Shelton as stephenPhoto: Blake as Stephen, the Pizza Hut dude

Blake Shelton has scored a pretty sweet deal being the newest Pizza Hut celebrity endorser, but a new GIF the company is sending out to the media has people a little creeped out.

Blake Shelton pizza hut gif

I think it's funny, I just won't tell you what I think it looks like Blake's doing to that slice of pizza.

Well I was watching a Conan skit that he did about the ad and my daughter brought up the fact that the GIF looks like a famous movie scene from The Shining, the one where the little boy is talking to his finger

Now that's creepy … and very, very funny. 


Oh, and here's Conan's take on the ad that I was watching when my daughter made the brilliant comparison.