Are Blake and Miranda that GREEDY?!

Miranda and Blake

Well, according to our dear friend Perez Hilton, Miranda and Blake turned their nose up at Caesar Palace's million dollar offer to have them play there. And the reason they turned it down? They allegedly are holding out for more money. Life must be pretty good for Miranda and Blake to turn that kind of money down.

Perez says:

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are one of country music’s hottest acts, and they think they’re worth a ton!

The duo was offered $1 million to fill in for Celine Dion’s Caesar’s Palace act while she takes care of her hubby who has cancer.

But they said NO because they want $1.25 million for three shows at The Colosseum!

Considering how smokin' hot their actual tours are, I'd bet some money that has something to do with them turning down the offer? What do YOU think?