WE Fest concert falls victim to violence…


WE Fest 2014, which has an impressive line up of Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean, saw some unfortunate behavior this past weekend. Actually unfortunate isn't the word. It was straight up scary. A stabbing.

The accused stabber, Aaron Williams, 32, was intoxicated when the incident occurred, according to the Becky County Sheriff’s Department. The stabbing took place early in the morning at a campground across the street from WE Fest, and luckily, the wounds were not life-threatening. Williams was using a handheld taser to shock a few people, and when confronted, “He took out a knife and started slashing them, and three of them received cuts on the arm,” says Sheriff Kelly Shannon. Police were called in at 1:45AM, and the victims, all three Canadian, were taken to the hospital for stitches. They were later released. Williams was arrested and was arraigned in court on Friday.

Well geezus! And according to those affliated with the festival, that while the stabbing was alarming, they are happy to see the over all atmosphere is calmer than years before…way to focus on the positive!