Tyler Farr’s Biggest Week Ever


There has been so much uproar over the Taylor Swift announcements that it left me desperate for some real country music news. If you're tired of the pop-country nonsense and need some realness in your life, then raise your glass with me (okay, so it's only Monday but damnit I'm in need of a strong drink!)

Columbia Nashville's Tyler Farr has released his new single to country radio titled "A Guy Walks Into A Bar." This is one of the biggest first week's in his career. The single has now impacted 52 total stations in the first week of it's release. A Guy Walks Into A Bar  is the first single off of Farr's forthcoming LP. The song describes hurt and heartache through a legendary punch line. It's not only well written but also well delivered. It's perfect for Farr's voice and style. It's one of the best country songs  released in 2014. Today's country music is filled with tan lines and tailgates, however, this particular single reminds me of a time where songs told stories of real heartbreak and pain. The 80's and 90's era of country was all about drinking your sorrows away, Farr takes us back in time where country music was pure and original. "A Guy Walks Into A Bar" is a #1 hit song in the making.



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