The Band Perry really didn’t mean to bother their fans, bbbut….


The Band Perry, being the ultra sweet hearts they are, didn't want to bother their fans about voting for them at The Teen Choice Awards, but at the same time…they really could use those votes. So, The Perrys made short ‘Sorry to bug you’ videos to ever so subtlely remind fans about the awards show.

“Things begin and end with the fans for us,” Kim said. “I love the fan voted awards where not only do you get the nomination, but it gives the fans a voice and lets them decide who their favorite country group of the year is. We’ve never been to the awards show and we just can’t wait to be a part of that whole evening.”

Who wouldn't vote for these guys!? The “Teen Choice Awards” air at 7 p.m. CT Sunday, August 10 on FOX and the trio is not only nominated but also presenting. Don't forget to tune in to catch these guys AND Taylor Swift at the event!


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