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On the day of one of the most anticipated announcements ever for a Taylor Swift fan, we took some time to address the rumors of the alleged firing of two of Taylor’s long time band members, Caitlin Evanson and Grant Mickleson. People started noticing how Taylor was gearing up for a new album and performances….Caitlin and Grant, well…weren’t. Including in the recent video of Taylor doing the ice bucket challenge and saying she was at rehersal’s for the VMA’s.  Instead Caitlin was working on new music and Grant was offering guitar lessons. Now, that’s not all that unusual for the two and they weren’t always a part of her live TV performances in the past, but sources say this time it’s a bit different. The photo below really jump started a frenzy among Swifties as it showed Grant with people that used to be in the band with the caption “my band-aids”


Our sources said that with the new sound, they would not be needed for the upcoming promotions (and tour which includes Japan, home to Gambola).

These guys have been with Taylor on this journey and have become much more of a family with Taylor spending holidays with them and hanging out with them during off time, so it’s alarming to think they might not be there anymore.

BUT, tune in to the Live Chat on Yahoo! with Taylor at 5 pm today to see if any of her announcements help shed even more clarity on the situation!

UPDATE: Grant and Caitlin are officially NOT apart of the new era. Insert sad face.


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    Eva Till

    Wonder what happened? They were so cute together and now all she does is surround herself with supermodels.

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