Taylor Swift might really be an angel…


It's no secret I(Ashley, not Shannon..) am a  self proclaimed "Swiftie." So, naturally I automatically think Taylor ranks right up there in angel status, but lately her actions have gone so far above and beyond that even the biggest "Taylor Haytors" can't argue with how genuine she is.

So on top of giving fans the most sincere comments on Instagram, handing over $90.00 so a fan could go to Chipotle for her birthday (side note: that would buy A LOT of Chipotle) AND surprising a fan for her  wedding shower, Ms. Swift also makes prolonged visits to children's hospitals. This latest visit is especially special because she's about to embark on a crazy promo tour for both the movie The Giver and her 5th album and STILL found the time to do it.

Chhheck out Taylor singing an Adele song, 'Someone Like You' while one patient played the keyboard below:


Say what you want, but this girl is making an impact on these fans lives in a BIG way and to that I say Bravo….and also, where's the next clue for album # 5?



Dolly Parton gets animated talking about getting dirty

This is too cute! I’ve been a huge fan of the Blank on Blank web series for a long time now, so I was extra excited when I saw that they had added this delightful Dolly Parton interview where she talks about the first time she used a flush toilet, how they bathed when she was a kid, and some other generally filthy stories only Dolly Parton could tell.

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