Taylor Swift is taking over the world today … will you be watching?

UodjtAm0l0lz9NxSofrSADvh4nIPhoto: Yahoo Screen

Today is the day when Taylor Swift takes over the world!

Or at least the internet.  

Yep, it happens every couple of years. Taylor announces a new album and the whole world goes crazy for a little while. 

Okay, it's possible that Taylor won't be announcing a new album today when she visits Yahoo Screen for a live stream this afternoon, but chances are she will be announcing some sort of new music. Personally, I can't wait. I love Taylor whether she's singing pop or singing country or singing some combination of both, it's all fun to me. 

Will you be watching? I know I will. 

Fans can tune into Yahoo Screen where Taylor will hold a live stream from New York City at 5:00pm EST / 2:00pm PST. If you head over to Yahoo Screen now there's a way to sign up for a reminder. 

 T minus 4 hours and 49 minutes to go …



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