So you’re thinking of going to a Florida Georgia Line concert?


So, thanks to my super cool job, I had the opportunity to meet the fella's of Florida Georgina Line. After being directed by someone who reeked of Vodka to the backstage, I was slightly concerned at the experience. While not overly connected, BK at least attempted to make it work and I walked away thinking they were nice enough guys. But the concert is where they really shined. They truly gave 110%. If you can get past the bro country lyrics and beat and the party atmosphere, you actually find some seriously amazing entertainers. What impressed me the most was when they sang their cover of Alabama's I'm In A Hurry and the sold out stadium went crazy and sang along. Also… I really think BK's vocals are seriously compromised in most of their set.

Now I don't think I will be running for president of their fan club, but I can say this…I left with a little more of an understanding of why people would find them exciting. 


Bo is a no go for Carrie Underwood

Now that Carrie Underwood is closing in on the final months of her pregnancy (she’s due this spring sometime), it’s time for her and husband Mike Fisher to get down to the business of picking a name for their son. Sounds like that’s easier said than done though.

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