So, will Carrie Underwood be on the new Brad Paisley album?


Okay, so we know they've done the whole vocal collab before and seem like the best of friends, so naturally…when Brad's album drops later this month our curiousity meter was going off if Carrie would be making a vocal appearance?

In an exclusive chat with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex about his upcoming album, ‘Moonshine in the Trunk,’ Paisley hinted that a certain blonde could make a vocal appearance.

“There’s one where she’s mentioned,” Paisley tells Alex of his female friend. “There might be a female singer on there that sounds a lot like Carrie Underwood,” the singer adds, laughing.

Well, he's done a good job at keeping us anxious about the album coming out on August 26th!


#ThrowbackThursday with Carrie Underwood!

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