Neal McCoy’s bus driver passes away

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Photos: Facebook

Now this is sad. Neal McCoy took to Facebook this morning to announce the passing of a very important part of his road crew … his bus driver, David Bledsoe.

Lost a long time friend and a Great guy and bus driver last night. David Bledsoe was with me over 1,000,000 miles. Like that poem says, and "Miles to go before I sleep" We got them miles buddy…. Go sleep now!!

Neal doesn't mention how long David was his driver, but David posted a Throwback Thursday Pic on Facebook not too long ago of Neal's bus back in 1996, so I'd say it was a long while. 

Bus drivers for the stars are people you never really think about unless you're trying to peek into a star's bus (and they're blocking your way in a generally menacing way), but to think that they are the people who keep our favorite singers on time to their shows and safe out on the road and you begin to realize they really are the unsung heroes of the touring world.